On Trying Again

Hello reader.

This is my third attempt at blogging.  The first time I was scared off by a creepy poster who made comments on each and every entry.  The second time I just ran out of steam after making entries from a long trip, which was the original motivation.  This time I make no promises, but hope to get into more of a habit.

I’ve been on a quest lately to connect my head and my heart more.  I have a tendency, despite being female, to stay in my thoughts, overanalyze everything, and ignore many of my feelings.  I realized that writing is one of the things that helps me connect my thoughts to my feelings.  On top of that, I was recently challenged by a friend to stick with something positive for 30 days.  So, in a quasi-Lenten fast, I will not watch any TV this month and will attempt to use that time for writing.

I’m terrible at new year’s resolutions and goal-setting in general.  If it only affects me, it’s too easy to let it go.  And in the case of blogging, I’ve never kept it up long enough to have much feedback so it tends to feel like this strange form of journaling, where I don’t have the privacy of a paper journal nor the warmth of dialogue.

I also struggle with how personal to be.  I think the point of a good blog is to be honest, but it’s not a safe world.  And I don’t really mind people knowing details, but I would hate for someone to feel violated by something I shared that concerns them.  So for now I will remain anonymous and just tell you that I am a woman and my name starts with J.  I hope something I say will resonate, challenge you, or make you laugh.



1 thought on “On Trying Again

  1. Nice beginning to this blog. The absence of your name makes you enigmatic but means I listen to your words without seeing who you are and I see the words and their meaning rather than the… whoever you are behind it.

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